TEPLOTECHNA Ostrava a.s. - Your reliable partner

TEPLOTECHNA Ostrava a.s. is a construction company with tradition in constructions in the area of refractory technologies and high reinforced concrete constructions on the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad. At present it dynamically develops activities in new promising areas of land civil engineering and high rise prefabricated buildings. The company was established in 1951. In 1992 the then state-owned company was transformed in a private joint stock company. We are a company that builds on the ability to fulfil the most demanding wishes of our clients on the basis of experience of our experts and top know-how.

Refractory Technologies

In the area of refractory technologies we have as only one company in the Czech Republic references to all types of industrial aggregates containing linings and refractory concretes. Within the service of thermal aggregates we make use of our rich experience in combination with state-of-the-art diagnostic methods. We draw on more than 50 years of experience, from blast furnaces up to modern power industry.

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Land Constructions

In the field of land constructions the company ensures all civil construction buildings, both new and renovations. In particular, the activities include implementation of concrete skeletons of civil, residential and industrial buildings, sanitation of concrete structures, construction of prefabricated shops, warehouses and logistic facilities, repair and thermal insulation of facades, including the replacement of windows, doors and more.

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Highrise Constructions

In the field of highrise buildings and prefabricated buildings our experience derives from the construction of stacks and tall industrial buildings. Now we focus on the construction of masts for mobile operators, GSM, LTE, poles for railway communication system GSM-R, construction of road toll gates, traffic signs and information signs, construction of observation towers, installation of insulation of thermal units, etc.

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Company vision

TEPLOTECHNA Ostrava a.s. wants to be a modern company with a solid position in the specialized construction market of the Czech Republic; it wants to continue to promote itself in the foreign market and to develop its activities in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the customers. For our customers, we want to be the first choice in the market segments where we provide our services and want to continue to maintain our privileged position in specific and professional activities.

Company goals

To confirm the leading and privileged position in the market of steel and heavy industry, steel industry and foundries, power engineering, combustion and lime in the Czech Republic • Expansion of the activities in the Central European market • Confirmation of leading a privileged position in the market of transport and communication structures within the infrastructure of the Czech Republic • Expansion of the existing activities in the field of land constructions in the Czech Republic.